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Boiling Recipe

1. Defrost in cold water, the amount of prawns you want to cook. It doesn't have to be the whole box.

2. While that is happening boil the water. add salt, start with about 2 tbsp per 5L of water. Make sure that the water is boiling hard

3. Throw in the prawns. Don't put too many in as they need room to bubble around a bit.

4. THE IMPORTANT BIT******As the prawns are cooked they will float to the surface, give them a minute or two longer.   NOW take them out and drop them into cold water.

5. Once cooled take them out of cold water and put into the freezer for a while until chilled. DO NOT FREEZE

6. Once chilled, pour yourself a drink and tuck in. then congratulate  yourself on a job well done, OR have another go.


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